Montana memories

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Cowboys, their faces furrowed as the man in the Marlboro advertising. With their horses they drive the cattle together on the endless plains. We know them from the movie. But the world is changing. Fortunately we found a few cowboys left in Montana. Cowboys new style: the wrangler.

USA – This new generation of cowboys from Montana continue old traditions; horses are still their main means of transport. They take care of the horses while maintaining trails and training for “roping”. Often they are part of a dude ranch, a ranch where as a tourist you can have a look at the way life on a ranch takes place. We put the cowboys in the picture.

We followed and spoke different wranglers and two twelve year old wranglers-to-be of Averill’s Ranch in Montana. “Why are you a wrangler?” We asked them. “What is your workday like and do what do you dream of?” We present you a few portraits against the backdrop of Montana, Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park.

Images: Nicole Franken – Text: Yvonne Dudock

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