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As a photojournalist, I focus on what tends to stay out of sight to inspire, to expose injustice about social and environmental justice issues and to create an enduring change.

Born in Rotterdam on the coldest day of 1976, rumour has it in ski gear, and moved to Curaçao as fast as I could to warm up. Travelled the entire world by bus and finally settled on a houseboat on a very Dutch stretch of water.

Over the last 20 years I published human interest and travel features among others in National Geographic Traveler, Trouw De Verdieping, De Groene Amsterdammer, Lonely Planet magazine, Columbus Travel, Marie Claire, Seasons, Elle, oneWorld and de Volkskrant. My work is represented by ANP/ Hollandse Hoogte.

I recently launched the book Survive about the effects of climate change on indigenous people. In 2019 I published the book Island blues and in 2015 On fairies and bullet holes about small communities and remote areas. About people who cherish desolation, seek solitude or live forever in that deserted bay. Where volcanoes, violence and loneliness can erupt anytime and where people do what they do best: survive.

Currently I am working on the project Indigenous People Today. This multi-media production consists of a series of features and documentaries and highlights the irreversible consequences of climate change on indigenous people in the northern hemisphere and around the equator.

After centuries of colonization, oppression, discrimination and forced assimilation, indigenous people are now facing climate change. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns affect the fragile ecosystems and thus their emotional and spiritual bond with nature. As a result, they risk losing their unique way of life, cultural identity and livelihood. This project will show the personal, daily stories behind the shocking statistics through features and documentaries.

In addition, I am a maverick, energetic and experienced human rights and communication professional specialized in the development of global multimedia campaigns, documentaries, journalistic items and PR with the objective of positioning the organization as a trustworthy partner of choice to governments, donors and beneficiaries and to raise awareness about sexual exploitation of children, child marriages and female genitale mutilation.

Awards and honors: Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice (Mumbai), Golden Lion (Cannes), Black Pencil (New York) and ADCN Grand Prix (Amsterdam).

So yes, I am for hire. If you have any questions, please drop me a line using the form below.



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