The myth of Kihnu

Isle of Kihnu – “Women’s island” is the nickname of Kihnu. “The last matriarchate,” Google lapses. Nobody mentions men. They stay invisible in the wings of women’s lives. An island with only women. That can not be true. It is not true either.

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The irresistible appeal of Harris

Isle of Harris – Always mentioned in one breath with Lewis. Lewis & Harris. As two explorers from a past century. But Harris is not going anywhere. It has been in the Scottish Outer Hebrides since time immemorial.

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The happiness of Greenland

Greenland – Ittoqqortoormiit, a tiny spot high on the map of the Greenland east coast. It is one of the most remote places on earth. No roads lead to it or leave it. 350 people live there surrounded by 1,200 polar dogs. But those 350 happen to be the happiest people in the world, they say.

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Favelas of Fortaleza

Brazil – Fortaleza is one of the most violent cities of the country. We wondered what an event like the Olympic Games brought the people. Who did benefit? Did the women benefit? Or the children? Did anything change at all?

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Noordoost IJsland in beeld | Northeast Iceland inthe picture

Iceland blues

Iceland – They cherish desolation, even seek solitude or never leave the quiet bay where they were once born. It is not that they do not like people, it’s just that they prosper in tranquility and silence. Nevertheless life can be harsh when shops, schools and fish factories are closing down.

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Land of ravens and arctic foxes

Iceland – The raven skims past the young arctic fox who is chewing on a piece of grass. Out of the corner of his eye, he keeps a close watch on the large bird. Suddenly he leaps up and like a young dog heads the raven, who playfully flutters in front of him.

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Scottish Highlands in the picture

Fifty shades of grey

Scotland – As we travel the Scottish Highlands we are surprised to see small houses now and again. Set against the granite background. Who are these people living in seclusion, we wonder? Where do they shop or go out?

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Ring of Kerry

Ireland – The ideal community? Would a 108 people scattered over wooden houses on a rock be just right or would it frighten you? With a narrow funnel first covered in tires to prevent the ferry from being damaged and giving you the impression you are entering a mysterious country?

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Faroe Islands in the picture | Faeröer eilanden in beeld

The richdom of farmer Jóhannus

Faroe Islands – A beautiful archipelago of 18 islands. With great waterfalls and inner lakes. A large population of sheep and birds outnumber the inhabitants. But don’t be mistaken: this is also Scandinavia. Homes full of design, wonderful music and ecological food.

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