The heated struggle of the Sami

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Climate change threatens Sami herders and their reindeer in northern Sweden. Changing weather patterns affect not only vulnerable nature, but also their culture and livelihoods.

Sweden  – Today, the survival of many indigenous people is under pressure. After centuries of colonization, oppression, discrimination and forced assimilation, indigenous people are now facing climate change. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns affect the fragile ecosystems and thus their emotional and spiritual bond with nature. As a result, they risk losing their unique way of life, cultural identity and livelihood.

For example, climate change threatens Sami herders and their reindeer in Ammarnäs, northern Sweden. How can they survive and at what cost? Marja Skum, Sami: “Something has to change quickly, otherwise there will be little left of the tundra soon. My dream is that my children have the choice to work with reindeer. But I do worry about that.”

Images: Nicole Franken – Text: Yvonne Dudock

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