Polen in beeld Poland in the picture

Turbulent Poland

Poland – A unique country with a turbulent history. A country that dilated and shrank depending on the vagaries of history. With a population that appeared or disappeared according to the same whims. We met Polish, Ukrainians, Jews and Roma. Each with their own story.

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Montana memories

USA – Cowboys, their faces furrowed as the man in the Marlboro advertising. With their horses they drive the cattle together on the endless plains. But the world is changing. Fortunately we found a few cowboys left in Montana. Cowboys new style: the wrangler.

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Røvær in the picture

Brotherhood of Røvær

Norway – The ideal community? Would a 108 people scattered over wooden houses on a rock be just right or would it frighten you? Should there be a sea aroud it? With a narrow funnel first, a kind of minifjord, giving you the impression you are entering a mysterious country?

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