Ring of Kerry

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A route along the Atlantic coast for a piece of Wild Atlantic Way along cliffs, fishermen and old men who are hitchhiking.

Ireland – Because Patrick actually needs cigarettes and a newspaper every day. And his legs do not want anymore. So we take him to the gas station. And thence back to a cafe because now he wants to treat us to coffee. That is how a person stays busy. We meet Charlie Chaplin in bronze, sleeping in the hotel room where he slept for years. In person, not in bronze. Kathleen read our hand and we arrive in a bed and breakfast of Germans who think they are Irish and in anticipation of Halloween hung some plastic spiders above our bed. And then there is Maurice O’Connel, the famous smuggler whose house we visit at the Ring of Kerry. It is his cousin who will give the house fame. 

The nephew Daniel who stands up for the rights of the Catholic Irish. Daniel the generous and the meek, but who shoots a man during a duel, because that’s the way things went. The weapon is still in a display case, not far from the poems of another family member. And we discover the extremely charming town of Port Magee. We come through it several times, looking for the right light on the brightly colored houses. But when we come from the Valentia peninsula, it rains. And when we drive back the other day, the light is on the other bank. So we give up and we go to eat at the village pub The Bridgebar, where the waitress apologizes ten times because it is only her fifth working day.

Images: Nicole Franken – Text: Anneke de Bundel

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