Noordoost IJsland in beeld | Northeast Iceland inthe picture

Iceland blues

Iceland – They cherish desolation, even seek solitude or never leave the quiet bay where they were once born. It is not that they do not like people, it’s just that they prosper in tranquility and silence. Nevertheless life can be harsh when shops, schools and fish factories are closing down.

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Montana memories

USA – Cowboys, their faces furrowed as the man in the Marlboro advertising. With their horses they drive the cattle together on the endless plains. But the world is changing. Fortunately we found a few cowboys left in Montana. Cowboys new style: the wrangler.

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Røvær in the picture

Brotherhood of Røvær

Norway – The ideal community? Would a 108 people scattered over wooden houses on a rock be just right or would it frighten you? Should there be a sea aroud it? With a narrow funnel first, a kind of minifjord, giving you the impression you are entering a mysterious country?

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