When the ice melts

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Kalaallit Nunaat, the land of the people, is what Greenlanders call their land. We know it mainly from the icebergs, glaciers and immense ice cap. Now that the sea ice is melting, part of their culture is also disappearing.

Greenland  – Every year the Greenland ice cap is melting faster than predicted and sea ice is disappearing at a rapid pace. The Inuit, the indigenous people of Greenland, are being hit hard by the effects of climate change. Rising temperatures affect nature and the fragile ecosystem, and thus their livelihoods.

How long can the Inuit, the indigenous population of Greenland, survive? And at what cost? Malik Olsvig, 10-year-old: “Please stop the climate change, so I can continue to live according to our traditions. 

Images: Nicole Franken – Text: Yvonne Dudock

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