The secret of the Caribbean

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This feature has been published in Lonely Planet Magazine – 2019.

“​Describe Dominica for me​”​, Columbus was asked​ ​by Queen Isabella of Spain​ ​when ​returned in 1493​ from his second trip​ ​to the new world. But he​ ​could not find the proper words. He picked up a piece​ ​of paper, crumpled it and tossed it up​ ​the table. “That’s Dominica,” he just said.

About ​500 years later the Caribbean island​ ​has hardly changed: rough and unspoiled, with​ ​imposing peaks and deep valleys​ ​largely covered under lush tropical​ ​rainforest. Unlike the​ ​surrounding islands you will not find luxury here​ ​resorts, pearly white beaches or masses​ ​tourists. Nature beckons on Dominica with the​ ​vast jungle, crater lakes and​ ​hot springs, coral reefs​ ​of world format and more rivers and​ ​waterfalls than there are days in a year.

The impressive and largely untouched nature makes Dominica a perfect eco-destination. During a road trip through nature’s playground you will come across the most beautiful places and fascinating people.

Images: Nicole Franken – Text: Yvonne Dudock

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